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Services rendered include, geotechnical engineering services, structural and pavement designs, and the testing of materials and concrete for construction purposes. This includes all tests relevant to soil laboratory testing.
Our laboratory has been present in many countries across Africa with an excellent success rate regarding services provided.Global Laboratories has various soil testing laboratories and civil engineering materials laboratories on numerous construction sites that are linked to each other for added support.
Specialised services can be called for by any of the branches if need be. In addition, we have standby arrangements with consultants specialising in engineering, surveying, geotechnical and other civil engineering related disciplines. Specialised testing from other supporting organisations like SANS and CSIR can be arranged if required. With years of experience, many successfully completed projects and a content clientele, Global Laboratories Africa has expanded its services to cover many fields within the geotechnical engineering environment of the construction industry.
Global Laboratories specialises in providing the following services:
  • Soil laboratory testing
  • Soil analysis
  • Compaction Control
  • Water analysis
  • Soil sampling Aggregate Testing
  • Asphalt & Bituminous Binder Testing
  • Borrow Area Investigations
  • Centre Line Investigations
  • Concrete & Brick Testing
  • Mix Designs
  • Load Bearing Tests
  • Core Drilling
  • Site Investigations
  • On-site Laboratory Services
  • soil laboratory soil laboratory soil laboratory

    Our Soil Laboratory

    Soil type is a crucial aspect of any construction project and various factors need to be considered before the commencement of construction. How does this affect you? Have you considered the latter outcome of the completed project if the soil and rock conditions are not suffice to support the loads?
    No construction company can afford to overlook this very simple, but critical aspect of any construction process. Ignorance towards these aspects might cost one more than just money at the end of the day.This is exactly where we form part of a construction project. By allowing for a soil laboratory service, we can ensure that all the required tests that include, soil tests, soil analysis, water analysis, soil sampling and even concrete tests are performed from the convenience of our container laboratory.
    Our thorough analysis will provide you with the guarantee that your construction project will be successfully completed without any interruptions from the soil beneath your feet.
    With the use of our soil laboratory testing service, you will safely be able to determine the following conditions of the soil:

    1. Whether or not the soil is suitable to tolerate the load of intended structures.
    2. Identify the soil and determine classification.
    3. Assess the soil to determine strength, density and compaction.
    4. Continuous evaluation of the soil during the construction processes, to ascertain whether or not the soil remains within the required specifications.

    soil laboratory soil laboratory soil laboratory

    The container laboratory

    Our container laboratory is a mobile soil testing laboratory that can be transported and placed in different locations. Laboratory consulting services are sufficiently supplied with the use of containerised laboratories as all containers are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to perform quality soil and sampling tests. These containers can be modified with various laboratory equipment supplies as project demands differ from project to project.
    Global Laboratories only make use of trusted and reliable laboratory equipment suppliers and as an additional service, also supply laboratory equipment ourselves. Please contact us for more information about our services or related services in the field that we may be able to assist you with.


    soil laboratory soil laboratory soil laboratory soil laboratory



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